Traffic ??!! No Problem!




Following the experience gained in the first edition of il-Fiera l-Kbira in 2014, the management of the fair invested in a new traffic management system which was implemented for the first time last year.

The aim was that of reducing traffic via a free transport service, increasing parking areas and reduce entry time.

All of thee goals have been achieved thanks to a hard working multi disciplinary team made up of Police Officers, Wardens, Security personnel by Global Security Services and team of parkers.

The free transport service is being offered every day starting at 5.30pm from Valletta (Phoenicia) to MonteKristo Estate.  This is a continuous service with the last bus leaving the fair at 11pm.  Furthermore those making use of this service will also be able to purchase the entry tickets for €1.50 instead of €2.50.

Thanks to these initiatives, traffic towards the fair is flowing easily with practically no waiting time up to a maximum of 5 minutes.

Traffic ? Not an issue at il-Fiera l-Kbira


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